Do It Yourself: Flying Floating Superheroes

Pow, wham, slam, kaboom! Create your own Flying Floating Superheroes out of pipe cleaners, straws, beads and coffee filters. This DIY project is inspired by our Innovators LAB workshop during Superhero Summer and is a fun art activity you can replicate at home with the kids. They’ll have a blast testing the super flying powers of their superhero creation!

guidelines + materials

AGE: 7+

TIME FRAME: 45 minutes


  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wooden beads
  • Pony beads
  • Paper straws (cut into 2-inch pieces)
  • Colored felt sheet (3×4-inch piece)
  • Felt tip pen
  • String
  • Coffee filter
  • Colored tape
  • Hole puncher


1. Take three pipe cleaners and twist them together in the middle until it makes six divided pieces. The twisted part should be about an inch long.

2. Move one strand to the left (at 9:00) and one strand to the right (at 3:00). These will be the arms. Leave two strands on top, which we will use for the head. The remaining two strands at the bottom will be the legs.

3. String a piece of the paper straw through both legs to create a torso. Then string two pieces of straw through each arm and leg to form joints.

4. Secure the ends of the arms and legs by twisting the pipe cleaner ends and tucking them inside the straws.

5. To add a cape, cut a small slit on the top of a piece of felt. Then string through the two strands of pipe cleaner that are meant for the head.

6. Use a wooden bead for the head. String the two top strands through the bead and twist at the top. The excess pipe cleaner can be used for hair or you can cut it off after you’ve secured the ends.

7. Finally, use a felt tip pen to draw a face! You can always add more beads to the pipe cleaner to personalize your crime-fighting figure.

8. If you want your superhero to float in the air, you can make it a parachute. Tape the edges of two opposite sides of the coffee filter. Then, hole punch the tape on both sides. Tie string around the holes and then attach to your superhero!

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