A new and reimagined Tot Studio for the littlest visitors

Tot Studio has transformed into tikitiko! Tikitiko is a sensory wonderland for toddlers (3 years and under) and their caregivers to make meaningful connections around abstract forms covered in colorful, soft and furry textiles. Build empathy by brushing furry beings. Care for huggable forms. Cuddle in a nook with seasonal sensory objects. While you do, meet other caregivers and share the journey of childrearing with each other.

About the Artist

Tanya Aguiñiga

Tanya Aguiñiga is a Los Angeles-based artist/designer who uses craft to generate dialogue and community. Her first commissioned art installation for The New Children’s Museum was Texture Forest, created for the opening exhibition childsplay in 2008. Tikitiko, is the result of her artist residency at the Museum throughout 2019, during which she engaged children and families in hands-on workshops through the Mass Creativity program. She focused on examining how children and their caregivers define emotions and express empathy, a vital skill to foster in today’s diverse society. Read our interview with Aguiñiga to learn more about her craft on our blog.


How do you say tikitiko?

The name tikitiko combines “chiquititio” – a Spanish term meaning “little one” – with words Aguiñiga’s daughter made up when she was learning to speak. “Tiko-tako!” was her way of inviting “tickle tackle,” or cuddling. Like the words “tiko-tako,” tikitiko is a sweet invitation to you and your child.

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